Creak and Arsenic Before Bed!

I have gone and ordered a copy of Creak and will be sure to post pictures of the finished hard copy:)
Also, as promised the other month, I have decided to go ahead with the novel and am now revealing the title. Arsenic Before Bed will also be victorian based, and will evolve around Dr. James Fox, Miss Sybil Burrows(now at her coming of age), and Madame Ethel Burrows. A very sickly Sybil Burrows is made even more ill after the medical practices of many physicians for most of her life. Finally having enough, Madame Burrows meets with a new doctor in town who appears to actually know what he’s doing. Although this man’s views are more modern and differ greatly from her traditional and pious views, Madame Burrows cannot argue with her daughter’s progress. Ethel’s personal detest of this Dr. Fox grows with every waking day, especially once she discovers who he really is.

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