Shadow Boxes & Statues!

There are a few photos this time, though I apologize for the cell phone photography. I’ve had this done for a while, and finally got myself to take the pictures! 

 I have decided to redo the mirror on my Sybil Statuette by the wonderful Dellamorte & Co., so now it’s much more detailed than the previous frame. The next three photos were taken of the shadow boxes I had created to go alongside the statue, since I plan on painting one of Dr. Fox.  

 Madame Burrows is such a pious follower, that her home would not be complete with at least one religious item.

  Always need a lovely fireplace! the embers really glow once plugged in, and a portrait of the late Mr. Burrows hanging above. 

  Lastly, a piece of the study, where Sybil would have spent much of her time. On the right side, the sconce does light up once plugged in, and the tea table beloew contains an important letter from Dr. James Fox. 

The bookshelf is filled with book that I have handmade except for the lowest shelf. the top shelf has a jar of dried flowers, a jar of smelling salts, a jar of arsenic and is finished of with a bottle of absinthe. Many items that her previous physicians would have kept handy. 

Will take better shots sometime soon, and closeup of the details, so keep watch!:)

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