Crows Teaser and Updates

Now, I excitedly await for edits from the curator of Crows On Heartstrings for my short story (Carnival Brier) as well as any little assignments I’m needed for:) I’ve been illustrating the short story from the talented writer, Julienne Continue, ( as well as working with the creative artist, Aïcha Wijland ( for Carnival Brier

Anywho, I’ve decided to share an illustration I’ve done of couple of characters from Carnival Brier. Check out more teases for the anthology with @Crowsonhearts on twitter:) 

Also, I’m hoping to take photos soon of another room box I’ve been working on for a second statue by Dellamorte & co. I bought through etsy. I have all of the furniture and most of the accessories. I just need the shadow box, wallpaper and flooring, and trimmings. It is all morgue inspired this time round!

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