Update & Shadow Box Preview

It has been some time since I have posted anything new, so I thought I’d put a little something up. I have been going through a rough time in my life after losing my father in March, so sadly I haven’t been in touch with my creatvity. In fact, my latest shadow box is filled with furniture that he had ordered for me as an early birthday gift. He was always happy to help with any of my projects, so you can see why these shadow boxes mean so much. Once I finished the smaller matching box, I promise to take much better photos!

The statue in this box is based off the daughter of Sybil Burrows. Her name is Frances, and she’s a mortician, so of course this room is her morgue. It’s hard to read the labels on the bottles, but they are grave dirt, coffin nails, and embalming fluid. The grammophone is of course for Frances’ lovely and creepy opera music.

This is her cabinet, where a few little randome things were made and placed for her. On the top row, my dad personally picked the seeds that I mixed with the dried roses in the jar.

I chose to use the Dellamorte & Co. (https://www.etsy.com/shop/Dellamorteco) statue that I had used for Sybil for Frances as well, since I did need them to look very much the same. The only difference this time is I used putty to write the word ‘Mortem’ instead of the name that was originally on the tombstone she’s leaning on.

Yes, so although I haven’t been very inspired these last few months, I have not forgotten my projects. I will dive back into them soon enough and will return with better quality shots!

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