Dabbling in the worlds of arts and literature, J. F. Geroux has become increasingly inspired by the Victorian Era with a dash of the Edwardian.

Despite using everything like paints such as watercolor, she recently took a turn towards inks and illustration markers, her media of choice when it came to her children’s book, Creak. Her influences include historical references, darker authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, and wonders Abigail Larson, Tim Burton and more. Having a couple of children’s books under her belt and a novel that was written for a dear friend, J. F. Geroux is currently spending her time on a Victorian based novel, as well as multiple artworks. This includes art and written work for a book about doomed love, Crows on Heartstrings.


Diploma: Creative – Graphic Design

College: Mohawk, years 2007-2009









All artwork and plots are ©J. F. Geroux 2013 and may not be used in any way without permission. Failure to cooperate may result in being carried off by crows. Thank you for your understanding.

By J. F. Geroux
Photo book

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