Last Update

Just a quick little post since it’s been forever. I’ve started a new site I’ll be using for my portfolio, and no longer will be updating this site/blog. I’ve moved on to other platforms like Instagram that cannot be linked through the settings, and it feels a bit outdated(I don’t use facebook or Tumblr, etc). If you’d like to keep track of my new works, you can always visit: for my new site. Thank you, everyone<3

Tiny Reader; Updates

I have updated any pics that were once horribly taken with my ipad camera, with proper scans (and for some reason, this changed the order of some of my posts, but at least they’re there). Also, I am finally happy with my illustration, Tiny Reader. 

I still have my hallowe’en piece to ink out yet, and I even already have a plan for Christmas. In short, I plan to use this Christmas illustration for cards for my friends and family:)

Copics & Prismas

Dear Frankie is coloured in all her glory. She is so fun to illustrate. She’ll be in a hallowe’en piece as well! I have a character already in mind for the next portrait I do, but first I’ll be scanning the last few properly and switching them out from my latest posts.

Tiny Reader

On my last sheet in this sketchbook, I decided to illustrate this little guy crawling on a nice book. I’m not fully happy with the colors so I might redo them on another copy of my linework. 

Have a happy Saturday! 

Forget Me Nots…

Yesterday was the day that one of my best friends in life had told me that her beloved cat had passed on. I knew her since they first got her ten years ago, and was as close to her as if she were one of mine. I can’t stand when people say the words, “it was just a cat” or “it’s just a dog”. When you feed them, clean up after them and love them every day, they become more. They are lives, and their significance should never be underestimated.

I’ll always miss the way her tail would fluff up like a raccoon’s when she was thrilled. I’ll miss the way she would get excited when I would visit like I was family. Nermal, sleep peacefully now. Love, your kitty auntie.